Affordable Quality Water Since 1960

Affordable Quality Water Since 1960

Honest Guidance, Clean Water and Peace of Mind

Honest Guidance, Clean Water and Peace of Mind

About Us

For more than 20 years, our team has been helping the southeast Texas community get access to clean, purified water.

We believe that building an honest reputation with long-lasting products is more important than a quick sale, and for years we have grown a solid reputation with honest referrals from our local community.

For that reason, we use only quality products that in the end, last much longer than some competitor’s products.

Save water, protect appliances, and improve your total way of life.

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Our Team

We’ve spent several years building a strong service crew, with reliable support and dependable management to keep us on track. 

Our trained technicians are always handling the latest technology, with years of experience in customizing, installing and maintaining water treatment systems. 

Not only do our clients appreciate our service team, they are constantly leaving reviews of their experience. We love to hear how we made your day and know that you depend on our honest opinion to form the best decision.

From our free, comprehensive water analysis & demonstration to the full-system installation, you can count on transparency in our conversation and updates, every step of the way.

Our Community

Our community is important to us and we strive to build loyalty with our customers and neighbors with top-notch customer service, going the extra mile whenever possible.

Just recently, we drove three hours to analyze the water of a local rancher who was frustrated with other sales pitches. He was just stunned once we explained our system and why a (much) more expensive option wouldn’t fly. He couldn’t understand why the other guys wanted to charge so much money for a less-quality product.

Turned out, he was so pleased with our service that three of his neighbors called us for appointments the following week!


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We stand by our work and demand a level of perfection in all of our installations. Not only do you have a written guarantee, you have our word and years of professional experience and trust in the community.

Our genuine, sincere and honest approach to a solid solution for your home and family, will leave you impressed or we will make it right.

At the end of the day, you can rest easy knowing that your home is providing the cleanest water to your friends and family, that money can buy.

Clean drinking water is a priority, not a luxury. Let us help you find the best system for your property -

Welcome to the neighborhood!

John (JD) Dawson, Tex and Crew