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Why Choose Affordable Quality Water

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A solid reputation is more important than a quick sale and we take pride in our local community and surrounding counties. Our genuine, sincere and honest approach will make your day.

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Toxin-Free Home

Rest easy knowing your family has access to the cleanest water in Texas. Our filters are certified by state and federal standards, to ensure your safety.

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Thousands in Savings

Ditch the plastic bottles and go straight to the source, resulting in a direct savings to your bank account.

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Expert Support

Our trained technicians are always handling the latest technology, with years of experience in customizing, installing and maintaining water treatment systems.

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Locals Love Us!

You will love our team of service technicians and see why we have consistent, happy referrals from thousands of other Texans, like you.

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Affordable Up Keep

Low-cost annual maintenance includes 19-point interior and 22-point exterior inspections, along with expertise guidance and problem solving.

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Top-Notch Materials

All of our products are made in the USA. We use only quality materials that in the end, outlast many competitor products. Longer lasting products mean less cost to you.

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Guaranteed Quality

We stand by our work, products and installations, guaranteed. Years of professional experience and trust in the community, will leave you impressed or we will make it right.

Free Water Analysis

The best way to tackle any water problem is by testing your water first, so we can determine which problem to solve and the most cost-effective way to approach it.

Benefits in Your Home

Drinking Water

Our water purification systems can drastically change even the worst tasting water into a pure, clean and toxin-free alternative:

  • Drastically improved water taste
  • 90% reduction in water contaminants
  • Toxic-free smell
  • Improved clarity


Filtered water has so many benefits throughout the home, and in the kitchen:

  • Food and coffee taste better
  • No water spots on dishes
  • Scale buildup eliminated
  • Less appliance repairs


You'll feel amazing using purified water in the shower and bathrooms:

  • Softer, fuller hair
  • Smooth non-itchy skin
  • No more chlorine smell
  • Porcelain color stays white


The laundry room can be greatly improved using filtered water, especially saving money on appliance repair and detergents:

  • Softer clothes
  • Spend less on detergents
  • Less wear on appliances
  • No more water staining
  • Reduce scale buildup

Whole Home

You'll be impressed with how much the whole family benefits when installing an entire home filtration system:

  • Clean water directly from every tap
  • Toxic-free, safe drinking water
  • Longer life on all appliances
  • Budget and environment-friendly solution

Our Certifications and Awards


We only stand by suppliers with fully tested, certified products that are manufactured in the United States. All installations use industry-grade NSF and WQA certified equipment so that we can build the best solution for any home or business.

What Our Customers Are Saying

5 star review  We have had our water system for over a month, and we couldn’t be more happy with the quality of our water supply. In addition to the purified water, the soft water system ensures the fullest life for all of our appliances, including all the water pipes in our home. If you think about it, it’s a great way to ensure your health and equity. Quit wasting your money buying bottled water. It’s a no-brainer. Choose Affordable Quality Water, and you won’t be disappointed.

thumb Christopher Rupley

5 star review  Before we put in the water system with Affordable water my hands would burn whenever I washed them. Now there is no burning and the water tastes great.

thumb Verna Jerome

5 star review  Love the difference in the water with the filter! I personally was very skeptical at first but, Right before my eyes JD showed me all the nasty stuff in the water and honestly getting the filter has been one of the best decisions we’ve made for our home! JD is awesome and answered any questions we had, super cool guy. Great product!

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Commercial Solutions

Today’s commercial properties depend heavily on water filtration systems to keep food, beverages and office facilities up to a high-quality standard. Since we use only industry-certified, reverse osmosis suppliers, you can depend on a budget-friendly, custom solution with minimal maintenance for the win.

Join Our Team

Be confident knowing you are part of a top-rated team in one of the biggest global markets in the world. Look forward to learning about premium solutions that help your local community access the cleanest water. A water management career path could lead you to future growth in the global water industry, management or dealership opportunities.